Detangling Conditioner

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    A hair detangler is a product that helps to make combing or brushing through tangles and knots in the hair easier and less damaging. Detanglers can be applied to damp or dry hair and work by coating each hair strand and making it more slippery, thus helping to reduce friction and breakage when combing.

    Detanglers can come in different forms such as sprays, creams or oils. They can be formulated with natural or synthetic ingredients. Natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil can provide nourishment and hydration to the hair.

    Detanglers are particularly beneficial for those with curly, coily, or kinky hair, which tend to be more prone to tangling and breakage. They can also be helpful for those with long hair, or for those who frequently use heat styling tools, as these can cause the hair to become more prone to tangling.

    Our detanglers are suitable for all hair types and are free from harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulfates.

    4 products
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